Cigars of the Pharaoh Framed Print, Limited Edition 1942


Cigars of the Pharaoh, Limited Edition, 1942. Unpublished color illustration for the full size cover of the black and white edition.

Wood frame, 1000 print edition by Moulinsart. 2012. Each framed print is individually numbered.  Dimensions of the framed print is 52cm (20.5") x  37cm (14.6").

The left ink drawing is of Indian ink and white gouache on drawing paper. The original size of the drawing was 300mm (11.8") x 412mm (16.2"). 

The right is a color blueprint. The image was created of the original watercolor, gouache and color pencil on a printed proof. The original size of the image was 240mm (9.4") x 327mm (12.9). 

Cigars Of The Pharaoh Framed Print Limited Edition 1942

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