Tintin Moon Rocket 150cm Ref. 46999 Series 2022


150cm rocket shipping information.

You will not be able to check out and pay for the rocket until we can quote the cost of shipping. The rocket needs to ship via freight as it is too big for regular UPS or USPS surface. Contact us at info@sausalitoferry.com for help.

150cm Tintin Moon Rocket series 2022. They are the tallest model rockets that Tintinimaginatio has ever made.  Constructed of resin and fiberglass they weigh 29 kilos (64 pounds). 

They stand 150cm (59”) and are 76cm (30”) at the widest point of the base. 

Each rocket comes with the Tintinimaginatio individually numbered certificate of authenticity. These rockets we have are serial numbers #550 and #559. 

The series 2022 rockets come in two pieces that fit together. The body of rocket comes in a tall box and the base in a big squat box. The picture of the rocket in the wood crate is the sold out 2020 series and is just to show the size of the rocket.

We ship from Sausalito, California. Please contact us for a shipping quote. The boxes ship on a pallet via truck. 

Rockets are new, unused and purchased directly from Tintinimaginatio, Brussels. Tintinimaginatio reference 46999.

Copy Of Tintin Moon Rocket 150cm Ref 46999 Series 2020

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