Douglas Macaroon Seagull Plush 10"


A day of seaside fun wouldn’t be complete without the sight and sound of Seagulls wheeling freely overhead! This Seagull stuffed animal is a whimsical rendition of this iconic seabird that’s sure to win fans. Plumply stuffed with silky soft polyester fill, he begs to be squeezed and cuddled. Velvet textured micro fiber fill adds to his cuddly feel. His gray wings are tipped with black and crafted in shaggy plush materials for a feathery appearance, while a playful tuft on top of his head accentuates his playful personality. A bright yellow bill and floppy legs and feet complete our seabird’s look. Make every day a beach day with this friendly plush Seagull Macaroon!

Ages 2+

Douglas Macaroon Seagull Plush 10

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