Douglas Purple Puff Bunny Plush 6"


With lovely lavender colored fur, the Purple Puff Bunny stuffed animal is dressed for spring! Purple-tipped, long pile plush fabric gives her the look of a long haired rabbit with a fun fantasy spin. And for a plump, squeezable form, she's been stuffed with quality polyester fill. Featuring shiny, dark eyes and stand up ears, she gives the impression she’s listening to your every word. And if you look closely through her long fur, you’ll spot tiny, purple paws. From her pink, flocked nose to her fluffy, purple cottontail, this cuddly bunny is loaded with charm. Brimming with cuteness and created in a fun, mini size, the plush Puff rabbits are unique Easter Bunnies that make ideal basket stuffers!

Ages 2+

Douglas Purple Puff Bunny Plush 6

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