Les Debuts D'Herge Du Dessin A La Bande Dessinee

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The description from the back cover of The Beginnings of Herge From Drawing to Comic Strip by Philippe Goddin. 

 “THE BEGINNINGS OF HERGÉ FROM DRAWING TO COMIC STRIP Hergé did not convert to comics when creating Tintin. To discover the development of his graphic language, Philippe Goddin follows step by step, drawing after drawing, the one who will become the greatest creator of comics. Knowledge of his life and his work as well as access to numerous archives allow the author of this work to retrace the itinerary of the man who was Georges Remi before becoming Hergé. Along the way, the reader will discover a good number of unpublished, forgotten or unknown drawings, and will attend some decisive births, including that of Tintin".

Published by Moulinsart in 2000. Book still retains its original shrink wrap. Corners of the book are rounded and the edges of the cover has some dents. 

Les Debuts Dherge Du Dessin A La Bande Dessinee

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