Short S-25 Sunderland MKIII Flying Boat From The Seven Crystal Balls

Type: Tintin

In the Seven Crystal Balls, Professor Calculus has been kidnapped and spirited off to Peru. Tintin and Captain give chase to rescue their friend, flying on the yellow Short S-25 Sunderland Flying Boat.

Capt. Haddock's butler, Nestor, whose main talent seems to be keeping drinks from being knocked off his serving tray, is the figure on the base. 

The model construction is metal and plastic. Hand painted and pad printed. 1:200 scale. Plane is 131mm (5.2") long and 174mm (6.8") wide. Production year 2014. Plane comes securely packed in round clear plastic box. 

Short S 25 Sunderland Mkiii Flying Boat From The Seven Crystal Balls

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