The Adventures of Hector Fuller, Hector Springs Loose

The Adventures of Hector Fuller chapter book series follows our bug hero—Hector Fuller the wumblebug—as he explores the natural world, meets all sorts of creatures, and learns about home, friendship, bravery, and sharing through the seasons of the year.

With short chapters and delightful illustrations by Pamela Levy, these stories “fill the gap” between first chapter books and first novels. The stories offer complexity and humor for older reluctant readers and ESL students. They are perfect for independent readers aged six to nine—and a pleasure to read aloud!

Each book contains approximately 70 pages in 14 or 15 short chapters, with one full-page black & white illustration per chapter. Flesch-Kincaid Reading Level: 2.6

AGES: 6-9

PUBLISHED BY: Aladdin/Simon & Schuster


The Adventures Of Hector Fuller Hector Springs Loose

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