Tintin and Snowy Statuette "Musee Imaginaire Collection" Ref. 46007

Type: Tintin

In Herge’s poster for the 1979 Le Musee Imaginaire de Tintin, Tintin leads many of his friends and acquaintances through an art exhibition made of iconic objects that he encounters on his adventures. We see Tintin is pointing out to Madam Castafiore the Arumbaya fetish from Tintin The Broken Ear. Moulinsart has recreated the Tintin and Snowy figures giving the tour of the museum.

The statue is made of resin with a steel base. The Tintin figure is about 9.75” tall and 4.75” wide. Snowy is 3.5” long and 2.75” high. Figure comes with numbered certificate.  Production run of 2017. 

Tintin And Snowy Statuette Musee Imaginaire Collection

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