Tintin Cadillac Eldorado Die Cast Car From Red Sea Sharks

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Type: Tintin

Crafted with care and detail, this Tintin diecast Cadillac Eldorado model depicts the rally car that wrecks the stairs leading to Haddock’s estate on page 62 of The Red Sea Sharks. After an exciting adventure overseas, Tintin and Haddock arrive back at the Captain’s estate to rest and relax. To their dismay they find that Jolyon Wagg has set up a rally car meetup at Marlinspike!

The product is new and unused. Made by Atlas UK for Moulinsart in 2008. Box size is 9.5" wide, and 3.2" tall and deep. The car is attached to the display box by a stand and is not intended to by played with, but to be admired by us Tintin lovers. 

Come with certificate of authenticity that depicts the panels from The Adventures of Tintin, Red Sea Sharks that this scene is drawn from.