Tintin Citroën Ami 6 of Professor Calculus #18 1/24 (2020)


From the Adventures of Tintin, The Castafiore Emerald, Moulinsart has recreated a 1/24 scale of the Professor Calculus Citroën Ami 6 with the Professor peeking out behind the passengers door. 

The car is metal and cast resin. Hand painted. It comes in a plastic display box with descriptive booklet in French and English. Wheels go round and round, unlike the earlier 1/43 series. Display box is 26cm (10.2") x 12cm (4.7") x 12cm (4.7"). 2020 production. 

Tintin Citroen Ami 6 Of Professor Calculus 18 1 24 2020

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