Tintin Grand Voyageur Du Siecle


From the back cover of Tintin Grand Voyageur Du Siecle.

"From China to the summits of the Andes, via the Moon, Tintin was the greatest traveler of the twentieth century. Generations of readers have discovered the world through his adventures. GEO journalists set out again in his footsteps, with the desire to truly experience what Hergé had designed to make us dream. In Shanghai, Scotland, Peru, Zaire, Tibet and even in Syldavia, the imaginary kingdom of the Balkans, their reports never stop crossing the path of the little globetrotter. At Hergé, reality is always at the rendezvous of fiction". 

Book is new, unused and in original shrink wrap. Editions Moulinsart 2001

Tintin Grand Voyageur Du Siecle

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