Tintin Land of Black Gold Mini Metal Figures

Type: Figurine

The set of six hand hand painted metal figures are were made in 2009. This set is #1356 of 1500 sets that were produced. Pieces stand from .47"(1.2cm) to 1.25"(3.2"cm) tall. Set is new and unused. Comes with numbered certificate of authenticity that also shows the specific panel from which the metal figure appears in The Land of Black Gold.

The Land of Black Gold was the fifteenth Tintin book, following the adventures of Tintin as he traveled to the middle east to uncover the mysteries of exploding petrol. Within it were several different characters, both good and bad, each vibrant and filled with depth.

Gas Tank

Filled with mysterious exploding petrol, this gas tank holds the keys to the beginning of Tintin’s adventure into the land of Black Gold.

Senhor Oliveira da Figueira

Able to swindle a miser out of their last coin, Senhor Oliveira da Figueira is an old friend of Tintin’s and is always willing to help him out in a pinch.

Doctor Muller

Mastermind behind the plot to sabotage oil supplies, the nefarious Doctor Muller is a mercenary for hire who is willing to do anything to get what he desires.

Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab and Abdullah

Emir of Khemed, Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab finds that ruling his nation is a piece of cake compared to dealing with his prankster son Abdullah.

Tintin and Snowy

Dressed in the garb of the Middle East, Tintin and Snowy venture forth to the land of black gold to uncover the mystery of exploding petroleum. 



Tintin Land Of Black Gold Mini Metal Figures

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