Tintin Lincoln Zephyr Resin Car with Haddock, Snowy and Tintin

Type: Tintin

In the Adventures of Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls, Captain Haddock's Lincoln Zephyr makes its appearance. The convertible Ford is Haddock's personal car and is used by Tintin and Haddock to pursue the mystery of Rascar Capac and the crystal balls. 

The car is made of resin and hand painted. Comes with a removable top. The figures of Tintin, Haddock and Snowy come loose and can be placed in their respective spots in the model Lincoln. Wheels turn.  Car is 34.3cm (13.5") long, 12.7cm (5") wide  and 12cm (4.75") tall.  Brand new in box and comes with certificate. 

The box that the car comes in also serves a display box. The magnetic lid lifts up to reveal a scene from The Seven Crystal Balls. Box is 57.1cm (22.5") long, 21cm (8.25") tall and  17.7cm (7") deep.

Tintin Lincoln Zephyr Resin With Haddock Snowy And Tintin

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