Tintin Moon Rocket 60cm Ref. 46994 Series 2023

Type: Tintin

In 1953, Herge created the rocket for the Tintin Moon series of books. In the time of weekly liftoffs from SpaceX, this heavy lifter model is as relevant as ever.  60cm (23.6") tall. Made of resin with a gloss paint finish. Series 2023. Comes with certificate.

Also pictured is the full range of the Tintin rockets. The largest is 60cm (23.6") tall. Then in declining height, 37cm (14.5"), 30cm (11.5"), 17cm (6.7"), and 8cm (3.25"). The three largest are made of resin with a gloss paint. The 17cm rocket has a rubber matte finish. The smallest is moulded plastic with pad printing. 

Ships from Sausalito, California. 

Tintin Moon Rocket 60cm

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