Au Tibet avec Tintin Exhibition Posters

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Au Tibet avec Tintin Exhibition Posters

In support of the Tibetan people and culture against the Chinese occupation, the Herge Foundation created an exhibition that combined Herge's art and drawings from "Tintin in Tibet" with art and artifacts from Tibet. Unlike earlier works, "Tintin in Tibet" moves away from the simple stereotypical ethnic characterizations to a nuanced and respectful depiction of Tibetans. Herge gives characters an emotional depth not seen any previous works and "Tintin in Tibet" is considered his finest work.

The grey "Au Tibet avec Tintin" poster is for the Musees Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire Brussels exhibit during the summer of 1994. Poster is 70cm (27.5") x  50cm (19.7") and is on heavy weight paper stock.

The yellow poster is for at the exhibition space at Foundation de l'Arche Fraternite Toit de la Grande Arche in Paris during the winter of 1994/95. Poster is 60cm (23.8") x 40cm (15.9") and is on medium weight paper stock. Semi gloss finish. 

Au Tibet Avec Tintin Poster

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