Blue Howard DGA4 Racing Plane From the Black Island

$ 38.00
Type: Tintin

In the original serialized Black Island in Le Petit Vingtième in 1937, Tintin in the Howard DGA racing plane, chases the evil Dr. Muller attempting to escape in a Heinkel HE 70. When Herge did the colorized book in 1966, he replaced both planes with different types.

The mini figure is of Tintin, after he emerges, clothes torn and banged up from the wreckage of the Howard when it crashed in Scotland. 

Model construction is metal and plastic is hand painted and pad printed. 1:72 scale. Plane is 102mm (4") long and 152mm (6") wide. Production year 2015. Plane comes securely packed in round clear plastic box. 

Blue Racing Plane From The Black Island

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