Douglas Baby Plumpie Demitri Dragon Plush 10"

$ 23.99

When your little knight needs a magical friend to accompany them on a fantasy quest, look no further than this adorable Demitri the Dragon Plumpie stuffed animal! Designed with hugs in mind, this mythological creature has been brought to life in alluring pastel blue plush. Slightly under-stuffed, he features a lovable slouch that begs to be squeezed and snuggled. Loaded with fun details, Demitri’s golden claws lend a shine to his hands and feet, while a stimulating scale pattern decorates his neck and belly. Best of all, a handsome pair of wings adorns his back. And, though they may be small, they’re guaranteed to be big enough to carry him and your little one away on imaginative adventures! 

Ages 0+

Douglas Baby Plumpie Demitri Dragon Plush 10

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