Douglas Chipper Chickadee Bird Plush 7"

$ 11.99
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Type: Stuffed Toy

Energetic and cheerful, Chipper the Chickadee stuffed animal is a lighthearted friend for bird lovers of all ages! Featuring the signature black cap and white facial markings of her species, this plucky plush bird is a lifelike representation of her real life counterparts. A gray back and creamy tan sides complete Chipper’s realistic appearance, while her cuddly design will have you snuggling her close in your hands. Squeezably soft, our little songbird is also an ideal display piece thanks to a gently weighted, bean filled bottom. Bring a little bit of the great outdoors into your home with Chipper the plush Chickadee!

Ages 2+

Douglas Chipper Chickadee Bird Plush 7

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