Douglas Cream Fuzzy Teddy Bear Plush 6"

$ 13.99

With a beautiful shade of ivory colored fur, this Cream Fuzzy Bear is an elegant plush friend! Silky soft and sweet faced, she features an understuffed body to provide bear hugs that are positively unrivaled! A slouchy shape and bean-filled bottom make this lovable cub even more cuddly. Shiny, dark eyes contrast her pale colored fur and give her a lively, engaging appearance. Her classic teddy bear design comes complete with a satin neck ribbon and makes this Fuzzy Bear stuffed animal an ideal gift for teddy fans of all ages! Soften up a room’s décor or snuggle up with her when it’s time for a snooze, this versatile Cream Bear stuffed animal is certain to engage and delight!

Ages 2+

Douglas Cream Fuzzy Teddy Bear Plush 6

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