Douglas Cupcake Cat Macaroon Plush 5.5"

$ 14.99

To create this plush Cat Cupcake Macaroon, we’ve combined two very sweet things, kittens and cake! Without a doubt, this whimsical friend puts a new spin on stuffed animals! From the velvety micro fiber materials, to its pretty pastel colors, the charm of this soft toy is certain to bring a smile to your face. Ultra silky polyester fill lends our delectable kitten her squeezable softness, while a colorful assortment of sprinkles and pink airbrushed cheeks add brightness. A fluffy white tail and ribbon tab accents complete our playful pastry’s appearance. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this cuddly Cat Cupcake Macaroon stuffed animal!

Ages 2+

Douglas Cupcake Cat Macaroon Plush 5 5

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