Douglas Hopscotch Macaroon Frog Plush 11"

$ 19.99

With a hop, skip, and a jump, Hopscotch the Macaroon Frog stuffed animal leaps for joy because spring is back! His sparkling eyes and wide grin are sure to prove infectious and soon you’ll find yourself smiling too! Hopscotch’s floppy arms and legs add character and charm to his personality and invite you to engage with him. Crafted in stretchy micro fiber materials and stuffed with the silkiest polyester fill, this friendly green Frog is squeezably soft and ultra snuggly. With a playful design and eyes that glitter gold in the warm, spring sunlight, Hopscotch the Frog is a cheerful plush pal that will bring delight to kids of all ages!

Ages 2+

Douglas Hopscotch Macaroon Frog Plush 11

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