Gund P.Lushes Pinkie Monroe Poodle Plush 6"

$ 12.99

Pirouetting all over Moscow, Pinkie Monroe adores the ballet! The lights on the stage shine as bright as her big, sparkling blue eyes topped with glittering pink eye shadow! Pinkie is a perfect pink poodle and as fluffy as a luxurious marabou boa. She has beautiful fluffy pink tufts of fur around her legs, ears, and atop her head! Her dainty organza bows coordinate perfectly with her pink glitter collar.

P.Lushes Pets are designer plush from all around the world who love to look their best. Everywhere is your personal runway with P.Lushes Pets! This stylish squad of fabulous fashionistas serves chic with a sprinkle of attitude and a whole lot of glitter. Luxe, premium fabric and a sparkling collar enhance their fashion-inspired looks!

Ages 3+

Gund P Lushes Designer Fashion Pets Pinkie Monroe Poodle Plush 6

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