Herge l'atelier de la bande dessinee. #1 j'apprends a dessiner les personnnages

$ 29.99

Herge The Comic Book Workshop. I Am Learning To Draw Characters

An introductory comic book collection with the author of the adventures of Tintin. Many preparatory drawings (some of which are unpublished) serve as models for the young apprentice draftsman, while Rudi Dumortier, experienced in leading drawing and comic strip workshops, provides teaching adapted to 8-12 year olds. The Coke En Stock unfolds in 4 large sections to show in a didactic way the progression of Hergé's artistic work.

editions moulinsart 2000. Spiral bound. Book shows minor shelf wear. 

Herge Latelier De La Bande Dessinee 1 Japprends A Dessiner Les Personnnages

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