Herge Tintin et L'alph-Art. Casterman 2007. 16.5cm x 22.5cm French Edition

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From the forward of Tintin, The Unfinished Adventure.
A few years after the release of Tintin and the Picaros and shortly before the fiftieth anniversary of his hero, Herge chooses as the setting for his next album the contemporary art milieu, which he knows particularly well. He launches Tintin there without really knowing "where this story was going to lead him". Herge worked from time to time, anxious not to disappoint his readers, but illness overwhelmed him and soon convinced him that this adventure will never be completed and will become
Tintin's last adventure.
When, in March 1983, Herge definitively abandoned Tintin to his fate, entrusting his wife Fanny with the task of guiding his Little reporter, with dynamism but without concessions, he left on his desk much more than a project but also many hands than a full album.
The times, the spurts, the hesitations ... show the amount of work and inventions that still awaited the master to complete his adventure. There are so many desires, so many raves, so many avenues that only Herge could have explored!
"If others took over Tintin, maybe they would do it better, maybe hands well.
One thing is certain: they would do it differently and, suddenly, it would no longer be Tintin! ... "
The working documents left by Herge are far from constituting a finished adventure, but they allow one to imagine the luxuriance of his imagination. There are one hundred and fifty sheets of sketches, sketches and dialogues, in different finishes, of which only three pencil plates are almost ready for inking. In addition to these last, are reproduced here the forty-four pages constituting the most accomplished state of the story. The dialogues presented opposite were reconstituted in
by means of all the preparatory documents. In addition, ten pages which illustrate well the exuberance of the elaboration of a Tintin album".

Herge Tintin et L'alph-Art. Casterman 2007. 16.5cm x 22.5cm French Edition 104 pages. Book has minor shelf wear. 

Herge Tintin Et Lalph Art Casterman 2007 16 5cm X 22 5cm French Edition

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