Herge, Tintin Et Les Soviets -La Naissance D'Une Œuvre-

$ 39.99

From the back panel of the book, "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (1929) is first and foremost the founding story of the famous Hergéenne saga of 24 albums. In this work, Philippe Goddin reveals the genesis and the secrets of this episode already containing in germ all that will make the "clear line" of which Hergé is recognized as the great master. It also reflects the view of the young beginner artist - he is 21 years old - on the consequences of the historical event of the beginning of his century which was the Soviet revolution. Hergé saw and said, well before others, the misfortune of a people. We will reproach him for this a long time before recognizing that his humor, more burlesque than satirical, was a way of approaching the truth".

New and in its original shrink wrap. In French. 29.5cm (11.6") x 30cm (11.8"). Published 2016.

Herge Tintin Et Les Soviets La Naissance Dune Oeuvre

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