Jeep CJ2A Die Cast Car From Tintin "Destination Moon" 1/43

$ 49.99
Type: Tintin

Crafted with care and packaged into its original box, this Tintin diecast model depicts the jeep CJ 2a that Professor Calculus drives during his furious rant on page 41 of Destination Moon. Angry, after Captain Haddock accused him of acting silly, Professor Calculus practically drags him around the rocket complex, demanding if he thinks that all the staff are acting silly as well, and eventually pulls him into the jeep where he shows Haddock and Tintin the rocket that he has been working on.

The product is new and unused and still has it's original shrink wrapping as pictured. Made by Atlas UK for Moulinsart in 2012. Box size is 5.5" wide, and 2.6" tall and deep. The car is attached to the display box by a stand and is not intended to by played with, but to be admired by us Tintin lovers. 

Ships from Sausalito, California.

Jeep Cj2a Die Cast Car From Tintin Destination Moon

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