Les Archives Tintin, Le Trésor De Rackham Le Rouge. éditionsmoulinsart

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Les Archives Tintin, Le Trésor De Rackham Le Rouge, is the complete compendium of Hergé's process of creating the final work. The preface of the book sets the state of the world in 1943, sources, analysis of the characters and the initial sketches.

That is followed by the 62 page 1987 color Casterman edition in the middle of the book.

The postface is about the difficulties of publishing Hergé's work in German occupied Belgium, associated products and versions of the book, a series on Dupont et Dupond published in Le Soir in 1943 and other interesting Hergé tidbits. 

Le Trésor de Rackham Le Rouge in the French language. Text by Jean-Marie Embs, Philippe Mellot and Philippe Goddin. 

Book is new and in original wrapper. Moulinsart 2010. 

305mm (12") x 231mm (9"). 123 pages.


Les Archives Tintin Le Tresor De Rackham Le Rouge Editionsmoulinsart

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