Next Stop Sausalito Hardcover Book

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Capturing Sausalito in a way that tourist guides never can, Next Stop Sausalito, written and illustrated by resident Jane Kriss, beautifully captures what draws people from all over the globe to Sausalito.


Over 100 watercolor paintings show all aspects of what makes Sausalito Sausalito. From the most intimate local hang outs to the tourist crowds of the summer. As a longtime resident of Sausalito, Jane Kriss’s paintings linger on all those moments that we barely notice in our travels, but together make the journey a heartfelt memory.


A couple having lunch at a sidewalk table outside Angelino’s, the waiter pouring wine. The early morning locals, walking their dogs. (I recognize a couple of them from the years of watching them pass by my store). The boat lockers that line the boardwalk at Clipper Harbor and the vertical  El Monte steps leading up from Bridgeway Blvd into the verdant Sausalito hills above.


Jane Kriss has a unique love for Sausalito that can only come from longtime artist resident. Fortunately, she can share some of that with us.


The book is hardcover, 32 pages. Illustrations are water color