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From his first appearance in January 1929, the globe trotting boy reporter took to boats in his pursuit of adventure. Motor launches and ocean liners, cargo vessels and historic ships of the line, each was meticulously researched and depicted by Hergé. 

A new dimension, punctuated with a staggering repertoire of salty swear words, "billions of blistering barnacles!", came in 1940 with the Crab with the Golden Claws and the introduction of Captain Haddock. From then on, with this loyal, whiskey loving companion, Tintin could hardly be a landlubber. 

The Adventures of Tintin at Sea casts a bracing look at everything nautical that features in the Tintin books: the ships, the sailors, the ports, the models and sources that inspired them. It is a must for all lovers of Tintin, his faithful fox terrier and Captain Haddock. "Thundering Typhoons!". 

By Yves Horeau. 2021. 64 pages.  30.00cm (11.8") x 22.50cm (8.6") x 1.00 (0.4")cm

The Adventures Of Tintin At Sea

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