Tintin Red Sea Sharks Car Rally Poster

$ 49.99

The uninvited Jolyon Wagg, marginal acquaintance of Tintin and Captain Haddock, has organized a car rally at Marlinspike Hall. This poster is of the last panel in The Adventures of Tintin, Red Sea Sharks that shows the automotive chaos on the grounds of Marlinspike, much to the dismay of Tintin and Haddock.

Printed on heavy paper stock, the poster is 50cm (19.7") x 70cmm (25.6"). Published by Moulinsart 1998.

Old warehouse stock. Posters may have very small edge dents, or discoloration around the perimeter. The body of the poster is new and without flaws. Please see photos.

Poster ships from Sausalito, California. 


Tintin Red Sea Sharks Car Rally Poster

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