Tintin Trench Coat Gift Collection

$ 95.00

The Adventures of Tintin has him traveling all over this planet. As the ultimate traveler, Tintin would always wear a trench coat when transiting from exotic place to exotic place. We celebrate the world traveler with the Tintin Trench Coat Gift Collection. 

The 14.5cm (6.6") resin figure shows Tintin in deep contemplation about a mystery. 

In The Black Island, Tintin in a Percival P40 Prentice, pursues the nefarious Dr. Muller who is escaping in a Cessna 150 B. A striding trench coat wearing Tintin mini figure is featured with the metal and plastic construction plane. 

With the trench coat collar up around his neck, something has caught Tintin attention on this ceramic cup. 11cm (4.4") tall.


Tintin Trench Coat Gift Collection

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