Tintin Yellow Ford Zephyr Convertible #02, The Seven Crystal Balls, 1/24 (2020)

$ 125.00

From the Adventures of Tintin, The Seven Crystal Balls comes a metal and resin model of Captain Haddock's Yellow Ford Zephyr. At 1/24 scale, this reproduction is larger than the previous 1/43 series. Wheels on the 1/24 Ford turn, unlike the previous 1/43 Moulinsart series. 

A booklet in French and English is included that describes the appearance of the car in the book, how the car was modeled and notes and drawings from Herge notebooks. 

Each car comes in a clear plastic display case. The case is 26 cm (10.5") x 12cm (4.8"). The car is 17 cm (6.7") long.

Tintin Yellow Ford Zephyr Convertible 02 The Seven Crystal Balls 1 24

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