Herge Tintin et L'alph-Art Casterman 2004. 22.5cm x 30cm French Edition

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From the opening page of Herge Tintin et L'alph-Art. "The last adventure Tintin was born from Hergé's pencil and pen 75 years ago. Today it belongs to the collective imagination of millions of readers for whom, in the most common as well as the most unexpected circumstances, the reference to one or the other moment of its adventures is immediate, spontaneous, warm. Creation never stops: Hergé worked at L'Alph-Art, not knowing where "this story was going to lead him". He left much more than a project, a little less than an adventure. But so many possibilities, so many desire to imagine, so many ideas of dreams. With also a clear statement: Tintin could not be conceived without him. In 1986, a luxurious album reproduced in facsimile the main sketches of this work in progress. Today, therefore, as a gift, for Tintin's 75th anniversary, L'Alph-Art in a completely renewed presentation. The format, the pagination, taken from the albums, are familiar to readers. The perfectly legible layout enhances the drawings, sketches, sketches, with a reading comfort that invites more than ever to enter the story. The final pages found - shed a new light on the “unfinished end” of the story. a series of recently unpublished documents".

Book published by Casterman in 2004. Cover has some wear and scratches from being shuttled around the warehouse over the years. Otherwise it is new and unused. In French.

Herge Tintin Et Lalph Art Casterman 2004

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